Sports injury

If you have suffered sports injury, then take the first step towards recovery by visiting PALLADION. In the field of medicine, we see exercise as a basic tool for the prevention of diseases and, thus, take the preservation of that good very seriously.

In preparing a personalised rehabilitation programme, we consider the following:

  • The patient’s history
  • Their lifestyle and daily living needs
  • Their psychological state
  • Any form of special conditions that may arise during or after the treatment

The PALLADION team is, right from the start, an ally for the person who has suffered a sports injury, while aiming at improving their functionality.


All therapeutic treatments performed by the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, to allow patients to regain maximum functioning and autonomy and return to their family, social and working environment.

6 questions about sports injury


What are sports injuries?

Sports injuries are traumas caused during training and sports, in general, either at a professional or at an amateur level. Sports injuries usually means injuries to muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.


What are the causes of sports injuries?

Warming up is a very important part of physical exercise. When it is not performed right or at all, the athlete is at risk of sports injury. Carelessness during exercise is another probable cause. The lack of necessary equipment and safe sports environment are also significant factors.


What are the types of sports injuries?

There are muscle injuries (known as strains) that are divided into three degrees. There are also sprains (to the toes or fingers, the ankle, or the knee) and, last but not least, fractures.


What are the forms of sports injuries?

They are divided into acute and chronic. Acute injuries occur at a specific point following physical exercise, while chronic are caused by the overuse of a certain part of the body.


What should an athlete do when they feel the symptoms?

The athlete must immediately stop the exercise, as they may cause serious problems to the point injured. Pain can be very annoying and the situation may get worse, leading even to chronic injury. The athlete must see a doctor.


What cutting-edge medical practices are implemented at PALLADION for the rehabilitation of patients following sports injuries?

PALLADION focuses on how the athlete will go back to training. For this to happen, we provide appropriate medical care through collaboration between the doctor, the rehabilitation team, the patient, and the trainer.

In addition to treating the injury, we are also interested in restoring all functional capabilities of the patient.

Therefore, by strengthening the patient’s system in specialised gym areas, analysing the patient’s walking pattern, implementing hydrotherapy sessions, neurofeedback, etc., we guarantee that, following a necessary recuperation period, the patient will return to their everyday life. Continuous supervision of the condition is the key to success.

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