Neck pain

If you suffer from a neck pain problem, then take the first step towards recovery by visiting PALLADION. ogether, we will prepare a rehabilitation and recovery programme for you. You have the right to enjoy a painless life. Come to us so that we can claim it together.

In preparing a personalised rehabilitation programme, we consider the following:

  • The patient’s history
  • Their lifestyle and daily living needs

  • Their psychological state

Any form of special conditions that may arise during or after the treatment (for example, a mother may continuously burden the affected area as a result of her heavy everyday schedule).
The PALLADION team is, right from the start, an ally for the person in pain, while aiming at improving their functionality.


All therapeutic treatments performed by the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, to allow patients to regain maximum functioning and autonomy and return to their family, social and working environment.

6 questions about neck pain


What is neck pain?

Neck pain is a pain localised in the neck. It may be exclusively identified in the cervical vertebrae and/or radiate up to the head, the right or left shoulder and/or along the upper limbs. Neck pain mostly affects women.


What is the difference between neck pain and cervical syndrome?

Neck pain is a symptom, i.e. the pain in the neck area. The term “cervical syndrome”, which is not medically correct, describes all the root causes and diseases that cause neck pain.


What factors contribute to neck pain?

Modern lifestyle is a common cause. The lack of exercise and walking, sedentary lifestyle, sitting for many hours in front of a computer screen and bad sleeping positions are factors that can lead to acute and/or chronic neck pain. However, any acute neck pain must drive the patient seek medical assistance, since the cause of neck pain may be more severe, such as damage to the muscles or ligament of the neck, cervical herniated disc, or more serious causes, such as Paget’s disease and neoplastic diseases.


At what age may neck pain occur?

Pain, muscle spasms and problems in the neck may occur at any age. Generally, after the age of 25-30 and depending on each person’s lifestyle and predisposition, degenerative diseases tend to occur in the spiral cord, causing neck pain.


What are the symptoms associated with neck pain?

Neck pain has a wide range of symptoms, as well as a large scale of peaks, from mild transient discomfort to chronic intense pain. Neck pain is very often manifested with symptoms such as pain, muscle spasms, restricted mobility, etc.


What cutting-edge medical practices are implemented at PALLADION for treating neck pain?

PALLADION has extensive experience in fighting the “enemy”, that is the pain afflicting each patient. The rehabilitation plan is divided into three distinct phases:
Addressing the causes of neck pain.
Relief from the symptoms (pain, muscle spasms, lack of mobility, etc.). Return to the normal pace of everyday life.

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