Fractured Spine

If you suffer from fractured spine, then take the first step towards recovery by visiting PALLADION. No matter what your age or general health condition is, we know that fractured spine may be a hazardous injury. Pain is not its only symptom. The patient’s quality of life is at risk. PALLADION closely monitors the modern miracles of science. The Centre is constantly abreast of the medical innovations made abroad and this is a guarantee for fuller rehabilitation within shorter time. So, we are waiting for you to claim together the quality of life you deserve!

In preparing a personalised rehabilitation programme, we consider the following:

  • The patient’s history
  • Their lifestyle and daily living needs
  • Their psychological state

  • Any form of special conditions that may arise during or after the treatment

The PALLADION team is, right from the start, an ally for the person suffering from fractured spine, while aiming at improving their functionality

6 questions about fractured spine


What is a fractured spine?

The term “fractured spine” describes in general the fracture (break) of the bones (vertebrae) of the spinal column. These fractures may be compression fractures, burst fractures or fracture-dislocations.


What are the causes of fractured spine?

An accident may cause a fractured spine, as well as any other type of fracture. Road accidents tend to be the most common cause of such injuries and traumas. Great risk to the spinal column may also arise from a fall. However, there are also diseases that can be associated with fractured spine, such as osteoporosis and neoplastic diseases.


What is the association between osteoporosis and fractured spine?

As the bones of patients suffering from osteoporosis are weak, the probability of a fracture is higher. Greater attention and specialised treatment are needed in case of osteoporosis.


What is the association between fractured spine and spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord extends along the spinal column as part of our nervous system. After a vertebra is fractured, the spinal cord may be injured. Depending on how severe this injury is, the brain may not be able to send messages – orders to the rest of the body, due to the spinal cord injury. This can cause functional problems, even paralysis.


Is surgery needed in case of fractured spine?

It depends on the degree of the fracture. If the spinal cord is not in danger, then the treatment is related to rehabilitation following the injury. However, if the spinal cord is affected, then surgery has to be performed as soon as possible.


What cutting-edge medical practices are implemented at PALLADION for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from fractured spine?

Our Centre aims at addressing all complications resulting from fractured spine. This aim is attained following consistent steps and phases. Our first concern is to address the symptom of pain. The specialised rehabilitation team provides premium care to alleviate pain. The second phase consists in the restoration of the patient’s functionality. The patient must regain their independence and this will be achieved through continuous monitoring of their condition. The contribution of our advanced medical devices is instrumental at this phase. Lastly, we want to achieve full recovery from the fracture. An appropriate physical exercise and nutritional programme that will be prepared on a case by case basis is of paramount importance at this last phase.

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