If you suffer from any form of polyneuropathy, then take the first step towards recovery by visiting PALLADION. Polyneuropathy did not stop Andy Samuel Griffith, one of the greatest actors in the US, from taking part in American film productions, singing, and writing literature. This diverse character lived at a time when medical means were much less effective than today. However, he fought so that he didn’t stop making art! PALLADION has treated people who have set an example and its healthcare professionals employ all the means possible to give patients the life they deserve!

In preparing a personalised rehabilitation programme, we consider the following:

  • The patient’s history
  • Their lifestyle and daily living needs
  • Their psychological state

  • Any form of special conditions that may arise during or after the treatment

The PALLADION team is, right from the start, an ally for the person suffering from polyneuropathy, while aiming at improving their functionality.

7 questions about polyneuropathies


What are polyneuropathies?

Polyneuropathies is a collective term for all diseases affecting the nerves and the ganglia, i.e. the peripheral nervous system.


What are the effects of polyneuropathies?

Since these conditions affect the peripheral nerves, their effects are difficulty in moving the upper and/or lower limbs, acute pain, sensation and balance problems. The effects differ depending on the type and degree of the polyneuropathy.


What are the causes of polyneuropathies?

Heredity, an injury in the nerves (mostly as a result of road accidents), infections, as well as autoimmune diseases, may be the causes of a polyneuropathy. Polyneuropathy occurs, to a large extent, in patients suffering from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy).


What are the first warning symptoms?

Alarming symptoms include acute pain (sometimes as burning or stinging) and numbness, difficulty in walking and maintaining balance, weakness and difficulty in moving the arms, digestive problems, problems with the erectile function, as well as cardiovascular disorders. If the patient experiences any of these symptom, they must see a doctor.


What factors contribute to the faster treatment of the symptoms?

The age, weight, general health condition (mostly, secondary complications) and the medical care provided to the patient are factors recovery depends on.


What are secondary complications?

Secondary complications are problems that the patient’s system may face while the symptoms get worse (e.g. respiratory tract infections, hospital-acquired infections, etc.). Medical supervision is needed, so that the patient avoids such secondary complications.


What cutting-edge medical practices are implemented at PALLADION for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from polyneuropathy?

Our first concern at PALLADION is not to simply restore patient’s prior condition, but to build an organism that will be in even better shape than before the disease. Thanks to the specialised medical staff, the rehabilitation team and the contribution of our advanced technological equipment, we know that the patient will be relieved from the symptoms of polyneuropathy. Our objective is not only to restore the patient’s functionality and to allow them to return to normality, but to make the problem history. The Centre is staying abreast of the medical innovations all over the world, which is a proof for you that nothing can deprive you of the gift of life and its quality.

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