What does Preventing Rehabilitation means?

The work-related stress, the sedentary lifestyle and the fast-paced everyday life exhaust the body and the mind of modern people, cause minor or major health problems, and gradually reduce the quality of life.

Headaches, pain in the joints, poor sleeping quality, loss of libido, gastrointestinal and nutrition disorders are some of the usual complaints we hear every day.

Many times, the only thing we do when facing these dysfunctions is to accept the situation: “I learn to live with my problem” or, even worse, I become tangled up in endless meetings with doctors and examinations.

The above finding applies to many people irrespective of age, educational level or financial standing, a large share of whom is, by default, led to illness. PALLADION, staying abreast of international practice, designs special Preventive Rehabilitation (PREHAB) programmes.

Our objective is to inspire, train and empower participants, so that they take control of their own health. We don’t have to accept a negative situation when we can reverse it.

The cutting-edge technology, high-level scientific knowledge and specialised preventive rehabilitation team of PALLADION is our ally.

Medical Tourism Programmes

Πρόγραμμα Platinum - Ασθενείς με αναπνευστικά προβλήμματα - Παλλάδιον - Κέντρο Αποκατάστασης & Αποθεραπείας

Platinum Treatment Programme

«PALLADION» is a model medical rehabilitation and follow-up care centre that implements an holistic, human-centered approach in the field of medical care.

Gold Treatment Programme

The GOLD treatment programme is a three-day wellness package that includes two overnight stays. The programme comprises accommodation, a special diet, therapy treatments and a recreational evening.

Πρόγραμμα Gold - Παλλάδιον - Κέντρο Αποκατάστασης & Αποθεραπείας

Silver Treatment Programme

Give yourself the best gift, an unforgettable experience of invigoration and relaxation. A unique offer that you deserve!

History - Mythology

Since the Antiquity, Arcadia has been regarded as a paradise on earth. The first testimonials of an incessantly happy «Arcadian» life are lost in the mists of time. According to the myth, life was born here.

Greek mythology tells stories about how the goddess Athena accidentally caused her beloved friend, Pallas, to be mortally wounded while they were training in the arts of war. Inconsolably grief-stricken over her death, the goddess recreated a wooden likeness of her friend, which was thereafter known as the Palladion, and became a sacred symbol of good fortune and harmony for thousands of years.

The Romans called it «Arca Deorum», which means the Ark of God, as an expression of their admiration. In the recent Greek history, Arcadia has been the «Ark» for the revival of the Greek State.  The liberation of Greece started from Arcadia.

The Arcadian ideal was expressed in the Renaissance with the mysterious phrase: «ET IN ARCADIA EGO» which means “I lived in Arcadia too.


Rich tradition, pure, healing nature, traditional picturesque villages, monasteries, hermitages and ancient states.

Tripoli, the capital city of Arcadia, is built at an altitude of 650 m., on the verdant plateau of Mantineia, on the slopes of the beautiful Mainalon mountain. It is the administrative centre of the Region of Central Peloponnese. Tripoli is a bridgehead for visiting the whole of Arcadia, as well as the adjacent Peloponnesian prefectures of Messinia, Argolida and Laconia.
Our Centre is located at a distance of only 157 km from Athens, 203 km from Patras and 87 km from Kalamata.
The distance from Athens via the new Athens-Kalamata National Highway is travelled within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Customer Service Department

For more information about our programmes, please contact the Palladion Customer Service Department, every day, from 08:00 to 21:00. Our staff will be happy to answer to any question you may have on the phone, by an email or letter.
We aim at making your stay at «PALLADION» a special experience for you.

Tel: 2716008888
Fax: 2716008887
Email: info@palladion-rehab.gr

What to bring with you

We want to make your travel to our land easier and to ensure that you will arrive at the Centre calm and relaxed.
So, you can find here a list with all the things you will need on the day you arrive at «PALLADION.
As to the dress code at the Centre, don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes with you.

For the Platinum programme, make sure that you’ll bring with you the following items:

  • Recent medical tests
  • The medication you must take during your stay or a prescription from your doctor
  • Warm clothes (keep in mind that your body is sensitive to the cold during fasting)
  • Tracksuit and shoes for physical exercise outdoors
  • Tracksuit and shoes for physical exercise indoors
  • Apparel
  • Waterproof clothes
  • Swimwear (2 swimming suits)
  • A formal dress/suit (e.g. for going to a party, the theatre)
  • Your favourite books (the Centre has its own library)
  • Your favourite music and a headset