Preventing Rehabilitation


Gold Treatment Programme

Give yourself the best gift, an unforgettable experience of invigoration and relaxation. A unique offer that you deserve!
The GOLD treatment programme is a three-day wellness package that includes two overnight stays. The programme comprises accommodation, a special diet, therapy treatments and a recreational evening.

Daily Schedule

Check in 12:00
Welcome Drink 12:10
Guided tour at the facility 12:20
Lunch 13:00
Spare time 14:00
Treatments 17:00
Spare time 19:00
Evening meal 20:00
Spare time 21:00
Breakfast 08:00
Treatments 10:00
Lunch 13:00
Spare time 14:00
Treatments 17:00
Spare time 19:00
 Evening meal  20:00
Recreational evening 21:00
Breakfast 08:00
Treatments 10:00
Lunch 13:00
Spare time 14:00
Check out 16:00

Initial value: €950 – Final price: €650

At a 32% discount for a comprehensive invigoration, wellness and health package!!!


Hydrotherapy for relieving pain, increasing mobility and for a special, highly relaxing and absolutely safe experience.
Hydrotherapy, duration 45 minutes

Therapeutic massage for addressing and recovering from various organic and musculoskeletal conditions, while promoting wellness and preserving health.
Therapeutic massage, duration 45 minutes

Reflexology for immediate muscle relaxation, relief from stress, body detox, wellness and pleasure.
Reflexology, duration 45 minutes

Quantitative electroencephalogram (service provided at an extra charge) for recording brain activity and getting a clear picture of any electrical and chemical dysfunctions in your brain. It is followed by neurofeedback training, a painless brain exercise strategy that has permanent results.
Quantitative electroencephalogram, duration 40 minutes

Therapeutic Gymnastics for a healthy lifestyle, strengthening, mental state uplift, wellness and better quality of sleep.
Therapeutic Gymnastics, duration 45 minutes

Group activity for wellness, strengthening, socialisation, diversification through a safe and very fun experience.
Group activity, duration 1 hour

Nutritional support for proper nutrition, well-being, detoxication, addressing obesity and mental state uplift.
Nutritional support, duration 30 minutes



  • The GOLD treatment programme is for one person and includes Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Full Body Therapeutic Massage, Therapeutic Gymnastics sessions, a group activity and nutritional support.
  • The GOLD programme for two persons is offered at an extra 10% discount, at a total cost of €1,170!
  • You can purchase two or more GOLD treatment packages, after the first one has expired, at an extra 10% discount.
  • The GOLD programme also includes physiatrist evaluation by the physiatrist of our Centre.
  • The quantitative electroencephalogram is offered at an extra charge of €120.
  • To receive hydrotherapy treatment, the client must have produced the results of urine tests and skin examination.
  • The Centre provides the participants in the programme with a face towel, body towels, a bathrobe, slippers, shower gel and a disposable head cap. You are kindly requested to bring two swimming suits with you.
  • The offer is available for women and men, irrespective of age.
  • Laundry services are provided at an extra cost (€10/wash).
  • To make an appointment, please contact the customer service department of the Centre at: 2716008888.
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00, Saturday 09:00 – 15:00.

Payment Methods

  • The GOLD programme must be wholly prepaid.
  • Payment can be made as follows: By a credit/debit card, or bank deposit, or Internet banking, or payment at the secretariat of the Centre (in cash).
  • Non-refundable offer.

Make a reservation

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