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Disabled persons

There are approximately one million disabled persons in Greece. The scientific team at «PALLADION», aims at helping their patients who face functional and social problems following an accident or disease to regain maximum functionality and autonomy and to be reintegrated in their family, social and work environment.

The collaboration between therapists of all specialties, as well as the provision of high-level hospitality in a unique natural environment, creates the best conditions for those who want to be revitalised, detoxed, feel well and healthy.

The therapy programme comprises:

  • 24/7 medical treatment
  • 24/7 nursing care
  • Evaluation and treatment by physiatrist
  • Diagnostic tests (biochemical testing, blood tests & imaging assessment)*

  • Diagnostic tests (X rays, triplex)
  • Medication*
  • Medical supplies*
  • Neurofeedback → 3 days/week ~ 40 min/day
  • Quantitative electroencephalogram*
  • Kinesiotherapy → 5 days/week – 45min 2 times/day
  • Hydrotherapy (if indicated, under physiatrist’s order) → 5 days/week – 1 hour/day
  • Ergotherapy → 5 days/week – 40 min/day
  • Reflexology → 2 days/week – 45min/day
  • Recreational group activity (painting, constructions, group reading, music, etc.) → 5 days/week
  • Counselling → 3 days/week

*  The services marked with an asterisk (*) are provided at an extra charge.

Recommended period of stay at the Centre: 2 months

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