Preventing Rehabilitation


Silver Treatment Programme

Give yourself the best gift, an unforgettable experience of invigoration and relaxation. A unique offer that you deserve!

The SILVER programme includes therapies provided in 10 sessions, each of a total duration of 2 hours. The programme includes overall preparation time (15’), Hydrotherapy (45’), Reflexology (45’) or Full Body Therapeutic Massage (45’) sessions, and rest time (15’) in a dedicated area, where participants can enjoy a special herbal tea and a healthy snack.

10 – Hydrotherapy sessions 45 minutes
5 – Therapeutic Massage sessions 45 minutes
5 – Reflexology sessions 45 minutes
10 – Rest & snack time 15 minutes
20 – therapy hours Total Value 650€

Initial value:: 950€ – Final price: 650€

At a 32% discount for a comprehensive invigoration, wellness and health package!!!

Hydrotherapy for relieving pain, increasing mobility and for a special, highly relaxing and absolutely safe experience. (duration 45′).

Therapeutic massage for addressing and recovering from various organic and musculoskeletal conditions, while promoting wellness and preserving health. (duration 45′).

Reflexology for immediate muscle relaxation, relief from stress, body detox, wellness and pleasure. (duration 45′).


  • The Silver programme is for one person and includes: preparation time for the Hydrotherapy session (10’), a hydrotherapy session (45’), preparation time for the next treatment (5’), a reflexology or full body therapeutic massage session (45’), rest time with a hot water bottle and a healthy snack (15’).

  • The SILVER programme for two persons is offered at an extra 10% discount, at a total cost of €1,170!
  • You can purchase two or more SILVER treatment packages, after the first one has expired, at an extra 10% discount.
  • The SILVER programme also includes physiatrist evaluation by the physiatrist of our Centre.
  • To receive hydrotherapy treatment, the client must have produced the results of urine tests and skin examination.
  • The Centre provides the participants in the programme with a face towel, body towels, shower gel and a disposable head cap. You are kindly requested to bring two swimming suits, a bathrobe, slippers, and a pair of athletic socks with you.
  • The offer is available for women and men, irrespective of age.
  • To make an appointment, please contact the customer service department of the Centre at: 2716008888.
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00, Saturday 09:00 – 15:00.

Payment Methods

  • The SILVER programme must be wholly prepaid.
  • Payment can be made as follows: By a credit/debit card, or bank deposit, or Internet banking, or payment at the secretariat of the Centre (in cash).
  • Non-refundable offer.

A few words


PALLADION has two therapy pools, in spacious facilities of 400m2 with garden views. The pools have been ergonomically designed and are properly equipped for physical exercise in the water. The hydrotherapy programme is performed by our qualified and trained hydrotherapy specialists. The ideal water temperature (30°C -32°C) enables muscles to relax, helps to alleviate joint pain and increases range of motion. The peaceful, relaxing environment of the pool has a remarkably positive effect on patients, both physically and mentally.


In a beautiful, neat and carefully arranged area, the reflexologist of the Centre uses specific moves to activate key points on the patient’s feet and palms. Using this ancient, natural and harmless therapeutic method, the body is activated to address its various dysfunctions on its own. The pressure on each specific point is reflected on the part of our body we want to relax. Reflexology can significantly help to address stress and certain organic conditions, and give balance to the body.

Therapeutic massage

The effect of massage on human body is great. There are many massage techniques, with very good results for the patients. It helps muscles to relax, improves the motion of joints, the physiology of the musculoskeletal system, and reduces anxiety and stress. The specialised team of therapists at PALLADION provides a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage, massage to athletes, and massage for orthopedic and neurological cases.

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