Stories of Strength and Faith

Patient Testimonials

What PALLADION Centre offers to the patients and their loves is valuable and essential. You have helped us a lot and we thank you for that. We wish that you continue providing your services in the same impeccable manner and have the strength and courage to continue. I wish the staff and the doctors all the best.

Oik. V.

You have offered best service to my most beloved person, my mother, on one of the most difficult days of her life. Thank you very much and we wish you all the best. May you always be well and offer as much as possible to those who need you.

P. N.

We have been left with the best impression! Many thanks to all members of the staff. We wish we could stay longer.

E. P.

With these a few words, I would like to say ‘well done’ and ‘congratulations’ to those who have envisaged and built such the PALLADION centre. Many bravos and congratulations also to the people who work at PALLADION and do everything they can for the patients – sometimes more than they are obliged to under their job requirements. We thank the scientific, nursing and administrative staff for everything they have done for Mrs Stavroula Koniari.

G. T. – I.K.

The centre is impeccable and very clean and the staff is excellent. Deep down, I am sorry to leave it. Thank you very much.

G. D.

Many congratulations for this amazing rehabilitation centre that you have created in Tripoli and for the valuable and essential help that you offer. I would like to thank in particular Mrs Karniadaki and the Hatzimanolakis family. Many bravos to the whole of the medical, nursing and administrative staff of the Centre for their professionalism and for the love and dedication they lavishly show to all patients. Thank you very much for everything.

G. A.

We sincerely thank everyone for the care they took of our mother, i.e. the doctors, the nursing staff, the secretariat, and the ancillary staff, and well as all employees who struggle diligently for patients’ rehabilitation. We wish everyone all the best!

G. P.

I am absolutely pleased with all members of the staff. Thank you very much for the support and sympathy you generously showed to me. PALLADION is a jewel for the area and I wish that it continues its great work…

V. M.

We have been left with the best impression! Many thanks to all members of the staff. We wish we could stay longer.

E. P.

I believe that it is one of the best rehabilitation centres, with very pleasant environment and very good staff. I brought here a man in a very bad shape and I took him back home standing on his feet. Thank you for everything.

G. H.

We leave with the best impressions. Many thanks to the staff and the doctors for the excellent services they provided to us. Our best wishes for the continuation of the work you have undertaken.

P. Ps.

My sincere congratulations to the physiotherapists and the nursing staff for their good mood, willingness and humanity.

D. H.

I am impressed by the centre and the staff in particular. I came here from abroad and the service is the same as in centers in the US. Love for the patients… I’ve witnessed that with my own eyes. Thank you all very much.

G. G.

Thank you for everything you have done for my mother! We wish you good continuation of your work, which is very great. All your partners are excellent! Thank you.

Κ. Ν.

We got to know you by pure chance and you helped us in a very difficult moment of our life. Thank you for your humanity and for the medical services you provided us with. Good continuation to your great work.

Ζ. Α.

No matter what I will write, it will still be not enough… thank you for everything. All staff members are perfectly trained. Congratulations!

Κ. Μ.

Thank you very much for the care and attention you have showed all this time to our mother. Her health has improved and keeps making progress. We have been left with excellent impressions. Bravo to the doctors and the nursing staff for their very good training and the help they have given to all of us.

G. G.

I think that saying thank you is not enough!!! On the first day I came to the centre I was in a state of panic and insanity. Thankfully, the beautiful girls (each one better than the other) calmed me down. All people in the centre attended to the patient I escorted with great interest and care. The attention they showed to Mrs Golfo was excellent and impeccable. Forty five days later, everything has turned out OK. Mrs Golfo left the centre walking and me smiling. Bravo to those who have decided to create such a centre in our city, to help many people in times of difficulty. Thank you!

Α. Τ.

Thank you for the lovely stay during our recovery process. The staff treated us more like a family than like workers. Many kisses!

Α. Μ.

An excellent Rehabilitation Centre that meets European standards… Thank you for everything!

Β. Β.

After 2 months that my father was hospitalised in your centre, I will not forget your impeccable and utterly professional conduct!!! I would like to congratulate you a lot and to thank you with all my heart for the effort all of you have made for my father’s fast recovery. May you all be strong in your difficult work and I once again thank you!

Ε. Ζ.