Medical care

The medical team of the Centre comprises a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, a pulmonologist, a general practitioner, a neurologist, a cardiologist, a microbiologist, a radiologist and many other medical specialties. The team monitors the patient’s progress and supports their health with appropriate medication and treatment 24 hours a day.

Physiatry Clinic

The physiatrist at PALLADION assesses patients with mobility, sensory or cognitive impairment due to a neurological, musculoskeletal or multisystem disease and recommends personalised treatment programmes in conjunction with specific medical interventions in order to secure the best possible recovery.

Musculoskeletal Pain Clinic

The Musculoskeletal Pain Clinic is here to cover one of the most important needs of patients with musculoskeletal conditions, i.e. to manage chronic or acute pain. The PALLADION Pain Clinic implements special conservative treatments, such as ozone therapy, mesotherapy, TECAR therapy, diacutaneous fibrolysis, ENF (Electro Neuro Feedback), shockwave therapy devices and all physical therapy equipment available at the Physiotherapy Clinic of the Centre.

Incontinence Clinic

According to a recent study, three in ten women in Greece face some form of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence occurs in all age groups and has a significant impact on the everyday quality of life of women sufferers. The International Continence Society recommends conservative treatment of female urinary incontinence as the first therapeutic intervention for all its forms. PALLADION’s special clinic organises personalised exercise programmes to retrain pelvic floor muscles in conjunction with bladder retraining methods, under close medical supervision.

Posture Analysis Laboratory

PALLADION provides facilities for patients with impaired body posture (after orthopedic or neurological disease) to undergo evaluation while seated or standing on a special platform. Computer-assisted posture improvement programmes also help to restore postural control, stability and balance.

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