Social worker

The role of the social worker at PALLADION Rehabilitation Centre is a vitally important one. The social worker is the link between the Centre and the patient and their families.

The duties are varied and include the provision of essential services, such as informing patients and their families of their rights, the coverage provided by their insurance carriers, and resolution of any problems that arise. The social worker also undertakes to resolve issues to do with arranging the supply of special equipment, such as wheelchairs.

Often, part of the social service at the Rehabilitation Center involves overcoming the tendency of family members to either be overprotective or indifferent to the problems facing patients. The social worker guides and advises relatives on how to manage the new situation.

In addition, throughout the patient’s rehabilitation programme, the social worker is in communication with the Centre’s psychologist, seeking to create the optimum conditions for the smoothest possible reintegration of patients into their social world.

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