If you suffer from migraines, the first thing you should to is visit PALLADION. Thanks to the modern methods, migraine is no longer a reason for standing down from social life. The Oscar winner actor Ben Affleck stopped filming the movie “Gone, Baby, Gone” due to a migraine attack. However, he got back dynamically, completed the movie and got the best reviews! Migraine can affect our life a lot. But we should not let it hold us back! Together, we will claim the quality of life you deserve!

In preparing a personalised rehabilitation programme, we consider the following:

  • The patient’s history
  • Their lifestyle and daily living needs.
  • Their psychological state

  • Any form of special conditions that may arise during or after the treatment.

The PALLADION team is, right from the start, an ally for the person suffering from migraine, while aiming at improving their functionality.

8 questions about migraine


What is migraine?

Migraine is an acute pain on one side of the brain.


Is migraine a disease?

Migraine is a chronic disorder. This means that it is not something incidental and, therefore, needs to be addressed.


What are the causes of migraine?

Nowadays, we know that there is genetic predisposition to migraine. The external environment (diet, climate, pollution, stress, etc.) triggers migraine.


What are the forms of migraine?

The types of migraine differ as to their manifestation. There is migraine with aura (visual disturbances and numbness in the body), migraine without aura, migraine with aura without headache and chronic migraine (with higher frequency of pain incidents).


How often is pain felt?

Migraine pain is usually felt 1-3 times a month or less frequently. In case of chronic migraine, pain is felt 15 or more times a month.


At what age do migraines start?

Migraines may start at any age. Migraine in childhood is the subject of separate study. It has also been observed that migraine is more common among women.


What are the symptoms of migraine?

The main symptom is intense pain on one side of the head. It has potentially been preceded by aura (such as visual problems and numbness of the body). Pain in the neck and the eyes, sensitivity to the light and noises, urinary frequency and nausea may be warning signs of an imminent migraine.


What cutting-edge medical practices are implemented at PALLADION for treating migraine?

PALLADION has the great advantage of being abreast of the latest developments in the field of medical research. Therefore, we manage to provide the best and most effective method in combatting the symptoms of migraine through dedicated rehabilitation programmes. Modern methods, such as reflexology and neurofeedback, are utilised to enhance the results.

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