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Our Vision

Το όραμά μας - Παλλάδιον - Κέντρο Αποκατάστασης & Αποθεραπείας

Our ambition when we established the PALLADION REHABILITATION CENTRE was to build a modern, people-friendly site, easily accessible, where innovative, pioneering treatments could be offered by an exceptional scientific team.

  • During our operation, we have built relations of trust both with our patients and their families.
  • We have given young people the opportunity to keep making plans for their lives.
  • We have helped people maximise their ability to reintegrate by taking holistic care of our patients’ body and soul.
  • We put the smile back on the faces of the people who trusted us.

Our ambition turned into a vision.
We are here to take a step forward with you… towards Rehabilitation!

Katerina Karniadaki
Chairman of the PALLADION Follow-Up Care and Rehabilitation Centre